Weight Loss Spinach Smoothie

Hard to believe, but schools are out in just 2 weeks. In just 360 hours 15 days I will start my 2.5 month break and will spend it doing what I want:)  In 15 days I will be flying to … wait for it… JAMAICA!!! I am so jealous of myself right now. Oh, summer! I’m looking forward to sleeping in, laying in the sun, cruising on the boat, treading the lake water, reading, crafting, and Nattynooking.
The pressure is officially on though… Gotta fit into the last year’s summer clothes and that swimsuit…
Kirbylicious introduced me to a spinach shake the other day. Sounds gross, looks gross, but tastes good. Kind of like my absolute FAVE Green Machine (any Green Machine fans out there?) Last night I decided to make one but couldn’t remember Kirby’s recipe. I googled a few things, tweaked a few things, and came up with my very own Weight Loss Spinach Smoothie.
You will need:
 2cups fresh baby spinach
1 banana
1 cup frozen blueberries/strawberries/mixed berries
1 cup low-fat milk
10 cubes of ice
1 tablespoon of honey/sugar/other sweetener 

 Place all ingredients in a blender except the banana and the ice.Blend. Add the banana and the ice cubes at the end of processing.
Notes: If the smoothie  is too thick, add more milk.
I didn’t add any sugar and used skim milk. In retrospect, I should have added some sweetener. Hubby and I don’t keep sugar in the house, but we still have that awesome honey from Russia. I will add a teaspoon next time.
Maybe Kirby could share her recipe as well at some point. Hint, hint:)
Anything else you think I should add to this recipe? Do you have any cool recipes/tricks to slim down for the summer?

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